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Tear Trough Filler

Tear Trough Filler Treatment Is A Popular Cosmetic Procedure Designed To Address The Hollow Or Dark Circles That Can Form Under The Eyes, Often Referred To As Tear Troughs. This Minimally Invasive Treatment Is A Highly Effective Way To Rejuvenate And Refresh The Eye Area, Creating A More Youthful And Well-Rested Appearance. 

Tear Trough Filler Treatment Provides A Safe And Effective Solution For Individuals Looking To Rejuvenate Their Under-Eye Area And Dimmish The Appearance Of Dark Circles And Hollows. It's A Non Surgical Way To Achieve A More Vibrant And Well-Rested Look While Preserving Your Natural Beauty.

This Treatment Is Best For Those Who Feel There Under Eye Is Sunken Or Dark In Colour. Treatment Results Will Depend On The Clients Natural Anatomy.

Using A Very Fine 
Needle, The Practitioner Precisely Injects The Chosen Dermal Filler Into The Hollow Areas Or Depressions Under The Eyes. The Filler Adds Volume And Plumps The Skin, Reducing The Appearance Of Dark Circles And Creating A Smoother Transition Between The Lower Eyelid And The Cheek.

Key Benefits:

- Reduces Dark Circles
- Replaces Lost Volume Under The Eyes
- Reduces Fines And Wrinkles Under Eyes
- Prevents Tired Looking Eyes & Rejuvenated Eyes

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