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Nasolabial Folds

Nasolabial Folds Often Referred To As Smile Lines And Laugh Line Treatments Is A Cosmetic Procedure Designed To Address The Natural Creases That Form Around The Mouth And Nose As We Age.

These Folds Also Known As Nasolabial Folds Can Become More Prominent Over Time, Leading To A Tired Or Aged Appearance. These Lines Develop Over Time As A Natural Consequence Of Aging, Sun Exposure, And The Gradual Loss Of
Skin Elasticity And Collagen.

We Can Treat The Nasolabial Folds (Also Known As Smiles Lines Or Laugh Lines) With Derma Filler To Help Support And Lift The Deep Creases Around The Mouth. This Treatment Can Add Volume, Fullness and Elasticity.

Key Benefits:

- Minimised Appearance Of Wrinkles At The Sides Of The Mouth
- Fuller Cheeks
- Plumper Skin Around The Mouth
- Rejuvenated Skin 
- Long-lasting Results


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