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Holistic Facelift &
Buccal Massage

Face Sculpting Incorporating Buccal Massage And Gua Sha. The Facial Massage Is The Latest Celebrity
Secret, Designed To Lift Your Muscles, Increasing Your Blood Flow And Releasing Stagnant Toxins Under The Skin.

This Treatment Helps Define The Contours Of The Face. We Work Carefully Massaging Inside The Mouth To
Help Relieve Symptoms Of TMJ (Jaw Clenching, Teeth Grinding etc) And To Bring About Lifting Of The Face.

Our Gua Sha Tool Aids In Lympathic Drainage Reducing Puffiness, Smoothing Wrinkles And Releasing Tension.

A Course Of 5-8 Treatments Is Recommended For Best Results.

Key Benefits:

- Promote Skin Elasticity
- Stimulate Collagen Production
- Enhance Circulation
- Healthier Looking Skin


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