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PDO Mono Threads

PDO (Polydioxanone) Mono Threads Treatment Is A Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedure Designed To Lift And Rejuvenate The Skin. It Is Popular For Its Ability To Address Sagging And Ageing Skin, Particularly In The Face And Neck Areas.

PDO Mono Threads Are Medical-Grade Threads Made Of Biocompatible Material Called Polydioxanone. These Threads Are Inserted Under The Skin To Provide Structural Support And Stimulate Collagen Production, Resulting In A Natural And Subtle Improvement In Skin Tone, Texture and Tightness. 

Its The Perfect Treatment For Those Looking To Combat The Signs Of Ageing.


Key Benefits:

- Skin Tightening & Lifting
- Increasing Collagen Production
- Lifted Cheeks
- Facial Contour
-Smoother Neck Lines


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